Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Cerorubenic Acid-III

   Liu, X.; Liu, J.; Wu, J.; Huang, G.; Liang, R.;Chungi,L.-W.; Li, C.-C* 

   J.Am.Chem.Soc 2019141, 2872.

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   Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Cyclocitrinol

   Liu, J.; Wu, J.; Fan, J.-H.; Yan, X.; Mei, G.; Li, C.-C* 

   J. Am. Chem. Soc.2018140, 5365.  

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    Asymmetric Total Syntheses of Callistrilones B, G and J

   Hu, L.; Cheng, M.; Cao, J.; Zhong, L.; Hu, Y.; Wang, Y.; 

   Wang, L.*; Ye, W.-C.*; Li, C.-C* 

   Org. Chem. Front.20185, 1506. [doi]    

    Recent Synthetic Study towards Natural Products via (5+2) Cycloaddition

    Liu, X.; Hu, Y.-J.; Fan, J.-H. Zhao, J.*; Li, S.*Li, C.-C.*

   Org. Chem. Front.2018, 5, 1217[doi]


    Catalytic Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Myrtucommuacetalones and Callistrilones 

    Cheng, M.; Cao, J.; Yang, X.; Zhong, L.; Hu, L.; Lu, X.; Hou, B.; Hu, Y.; Wang, Y.; You, X.; Wang, L.*; Ye, W.-C.*; Li, C.-C* 

    Chem. Sci.2018, 9, 1488.  [doi] 

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    Asymmetric Total Syntheses of Colchicine, beta-Lumicolchicine and

    Allocolchicinoid NCME

    Liu, X.; Hu, Y.-J.; Chen, B. Min, L.; Peng, X.-S.; Zhao, J.*; Li, S.*;

    Wong, H. N. C.; Li, C.-C.*

    Org. Lett.2017, 19, 4612. [doi]

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    Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (-)-Colchicine, (+)-Demecolcinone and Metacolchicine

    Chen, B.; Liu, X.; Hu, Y.-J.; Zhang, D.-M.; Deng, L.J.; Lu, J.Y.; Min, L.; Ye, W.-C.; Li, C.-C.*

    Chem. Sci.2017, 8, 4961. [doi]


    Toward the Total Synthesis of Eurifoloid A

    Liu, X.; Liu, J.Y.; Zhao, J.*; Li, S.*; Li, C.-C.*

    Org. Lett.2017, 19, 2742. [doi]
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    Synthetic Study toward the Total Synthesis of Solanoeclepin A

    Liu, G.; Han, J.-C.; Li, C.-C.*

    Tetrahedron2017, 73, 3629. [doi]

    Recent Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Humulanolides

    Han, J.-C.; Liu, X.; Zhao, J.; Li, S.; Li, C.-C.*

    Tetrahedron2017, 73, 3289. [doi]

    Catalytic Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Hypocrolide A

    Qiao, C.; Zhang, W.; Han, J.; Li, C.-C.*

    Org. Lett.201618, 4932. [doi]

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     Ruthenium-Catalyzed Metathesis Cascade Reactions in Natural Products Synthesis

    Han, J.; Li, C.-C.*

    The Chemial Record., 2017, 499. [doi]
     •  An invited Account article.

    Collective Synthesis of Natural Products Using Metathesis Cascade Reactions

    Han, J.; Li, C.-C.*

    Synlett., 2015, 26, 1289. [doi]
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    Type II Intramolecular [5+2] Cycloaddition: Facile Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Bridged Ring Systems

Mei, G.; Liu, X.; Qiao, C.; Chen, W.; Li, C.-C.*

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.201554, 1745. [doi]

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    Collective Synthesis of Humulanolides Using a Metathesis Cascade Reaction

    Han, J.; Li, F.; Li, C.-C.*

    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2014, 136, 13610. [doi]
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    Dearomative Indole [5+2] Cycloaddition Reactions: Stereoselective Synthesis of Highly 

    Functionalized Cyclohepta[b]indoles

    Mei, G.; Yuan, H.; Gu, Y.; Chen, W.; Chung, L.; Li, C.-C.*

    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2014, 53, 11051. [doi]

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    Total Synthesis of Aplykurodinone-1

    Liu,G.; Mei, G.; Chen, R.; Yuan, H.; Yang, Z.*Li, C.-C.*

    Org. Lett.201416, 4380. [doi]

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    Stereoselective Total Syntheses of (−)-Flueggine A and (+)-Virosaine B

     Wei, H.; Qiao, C.; Liu, G.; Yang, Z.*; Li, C.-C.*

     Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2013, 52, 620. [doi]

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     Total Synthesis of (±)-Pentalenolactone A Methyl Ester

     Liu, Q.; Yue, G.; Wu, N.; Lin, G.; Li, Y.; Quan, J.; Li, C.-C.*; Wang, G.*; Yang, Z.*

     Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2012, 51, 12072. [doi]

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     Total Syntheses of Drimane-Type Sesquiterpenoids Enabled by a Gold-Catalyzed Tandem Reaction

     Shi, H.; Fang, L.; Tan, C.; Shi, L.; Zhang, W.; Li, C.-C.*; Luo, T.*; Yang, Z.*

     J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011133, 14944. [doi]

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